How cloud accounting can help you be more successful!

Industry stats* show businesses using apps connected to Xero cloud accounting:
are at least 35% more likely to be successful in the long term,
grow net profit 30% faster than those who don’t have a connection.
get paid around 30% faster when they use our online invoicing.

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*not guaranteed for all businesses

How can Business Solutions: Design & Service help you?

We offer a range of services:
help you move from outdated accounting packages to Xero and a custom bundle of appropriate add ons,

  • work with your accountant to implement Xero add ons, such as a job management or POS/inventory system,
  • custom work such as reports,
  • troubleshoot/problems solve.

Every minute I don’t have to spend on the computer with accounting is another minute I can be out in the community making a difference. Xero helps me make that difference.

 Erica Mohan

Having real-time information allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems. It allows us to have our finger on the pulse.

Tony Melhem